coach+consultant – master in sport science – family father


I support people in challenging times. Through body, mind and breath methods I help you to regain focus and energy!

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breathe…be brave…inspire

how do you perform better with less energy ressources? – how do you grow out of a fundamental crisis? – how do you live light in shaky times ?

Please email me for inquiries: stephan@stephanconradi.com


Are you low on energy? Do you feel heavy ? Are you in need to change ? I support people to energize their lifes. You decide where we put the focus together! Body – Mind – Breath … or maybe one after the other ?

Contact me to find out if we match: 0049 176 609 22 639

Stephan is a very experienced coach and trainer. The mix of his voice, sensitivity, openness, listening ear and sense of humor enables him to quickly put his finger on the “sore spot”.

Joyce Z. Wazirali – Unity Conscious Leadership, Netherlands

I know Stephan as a very attentive, reflective and appreciative person. In our lively collegial conversations, I experience him with a high level of presence and valuable attention

B.Zmrhal, Expert in personal development for top executives in business and sports, Germany

I have known and valued Stephan for over 10 years now. We had and still have projects together in which I was able to learn from him and vice versa. Our different expertise gives a lot of scope for great synergy. Stephan Conradi has outstanding abilities to lead people into their entrepreneurial strength, to position them and, if necessary, to let them emerge stronger from crisis situations. The mixture of academic knowledge, personal practical application and personal experience is certainly one of his most valuable resources.

Frank Klose, Founder + CEO, Spain


Germanies biggest public TV channel ZDF shot a video portrait about me…

My book project: Life after Trauma

My journey through depression and what helped me to stay on track

My book project: Magic and Miracles

Life turns up side down when you leave your body and disconnect. But what happens when you reconnect again? For me life shifted and gave me a complete new perspective…